Monday's Hot Bar 1/28/2013

RAW FOODS: parsnip and carrot slaw, raw kale salad, totally alive coleslaw

SOUPS: kale and leek soup, carrot ginger soup, creamy tomato bisque, turkey chili, cream of asparagus soup

VEGAN FOODS: buffalo bites, ginger scallion noodles with pickled cucumbers and cauliflower, garden veggie pasta, basmati rice, black beans, ginger garlic cabbage, inguday tibs, bedelijan, ater kik alicha, gomen dinich wat, misir wat, ratatouille, steamed broccoli

VEGETARIAN: rosemary and garlic mashers, succatash, ellwoods own apple crumble

MEAT & SEAFOOD: curried chicken, ziti pasta with salami, bbq beef brisket, Spanish chicken, citrus tamari ribs, lemon-asparagus trout

*Hot bar dishes are subject to change throughout the day without notice.