Thursday's Hot Bar 01/24/13

RAW FOODS: apple and fennel salad, raw kale salad, raw kale salad

SOUPS: miso soup, roasted red pepper bisque, caldo verde, potato-horseradish & bacon soup, curried carrot and coconut milk soup

VEGAN FOODS: vegan buffalo bites, sweet and spicy braised brussel sprouts with local tofu and shiitake mushrooms, summer squash casserole, basmati rice, black beans, mixed steamed veggies, ratatouille, roasted brussel sprouts, 3 sisters succotash, steamed broccoli

VEGETARIAN: apple crumble, whole wheat buns, blue ridge potatoes and mushrooms

MEAT & SEAFOOD: curried chicken, ziti pasta with salami, bbq beef brisket, Spanish chicken, citrus tamari ribs, lemon-asparagus trout

*Hot bar dishes are subject to change throughout the day without notice.