Thursday's Hot Bar 01/17/13

RAW FOODS: nappa slaw, raw kale salad, raw apple and fennel salad

SOUPS: beer and cheese soup, caldo verde, potato horseradish and bacon

VEGAN FOODS: tomato rice, 3 sister succotash, roasted tatties and neeps black beans, basmati rice, steamed broccoli, aloo mutter, garlic roasted squash, baked kidney beans, garden vegetable ziti pasta, quinoa with black beans kale and corn, balsamic local tofu with Italian veggies

VEGETARIAN: whole wheat buns, apple crumble, rosemary garlic mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese

MEAT: fennel crusted pork loin, pulled pork BBQ, kari ikan (curried fish), coq au vin blanc

*Hot bar dishes are subject to change throughout the day without notice.