Wednesday's Hot Bar 1/2/13

RAW FOODS: living cole slaw, raw kale salad, raw pickled zucchini salad

SOUPS: caldo verde, cream of broccoli & mushroom, cuban black bean

VEGAN FOODS: steamed broccoli, gobhi matar, vegetable korma, chole sag, curried cabbage, tomato rice, aloo mutter, vegan  bolognese, black beans, basmati rice, ater kik alicha, local organic bbq tofu, sweet and sour tempeh, bedelijan

VEGETARIAN: apple crumble, tandoori naan flatbread, whole wheat buns

MEAT: tikka masala, curried chicken, dill encrusted trout, pulled pork bbq

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.