Just In: Fromage D'Affinois with Truffles!

We just got in three wheels of Fromage  d’Affinois with TRUFFLES! This is what you have been waiting for. The creamyness of the fromager d’affinois mixed with the delicate flavor of black truffles from Perigord, France. This is the perfect combination for success. Creamy,buttery paste is laced with truffles,and it melts on the tongue as the flavor of earthy mushrooms and sweet cream caress the palate.

Found mainly in the roots of oak trees,truffles are a prized food that impart complex flavors. The tradition of adding truffles to cheese goes back centuries. However,not all truffle cheese are created equal. Sometimes the “truffle”flavor in cheeses comes from a truffle oil or extract, but not this one! It’s made with actual truffle shavings giving an incredible texture and amazing aftertaste.