Shake Off Stress


Tuesday, December 18th  /  6:00-6:45PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Ellwood’s Wellness & Relationship Coach Denise Dolan


Shake-off Stress and Dip into Serenity
Take the Mystique Out of Meditation

Busy schedules, everyday challenges and anxiety can put a strain on our health and our relationships.  The daily grind can limit our expression of joy and even lead to depression.

Discover how to slow down, chill, and renew yourself in this short meditation.  It’s easier than you think!   A direct student of Michael Bernard Beckwith, Denise will share three easy meditation practices that are proven to calm and refresh your spirit.

Experience relaxation through a combination of 1) brief guidance, 2) silence, and 3) participant sharing for those who desire.  All levels are welcome to participate.


Donations are welcome and will go towards scholarships to make opportunities available for fee-based programs offered by Denise at Ellwood Thomspon’s Community Room.



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