Rush Creek Reserve is Back!

Around this time every year, we’re lucky enough to get in a small order of Uplands Rush Creek Reserve. It’s a cheese so good that when a renowned French affineur tastes it, and jokes about sending his own cheesemakers to Dodgeville, Wisconsin, to learn how it’s made, you know you’ve got something special. Owner’s Mike and Carol Gingrich along side of Andy Hatch at Upland’s Cheese Inc. only create two kinds of cheese from their free-roaming heard, the Rush Creek being one of them. New York cheesemonger Anne Saxelby claims that they are in the top .01 percent.

This wheel is made in Autumn when the diet of the cattle changes from grasses to dry hay. Inspired by the French Vacherin Mont d’Or and bound in a stripe of Spruce bark which imparts woody notes to the sweet, earthy cheese. A very limited holiday favorite of ours, worth every single penny. Available now for a limited time.