Local & Delicious: Brown's All Natural Beef

Located just on the edge of our 100-mile radius lies Brown’s All-Natural Meats. Located in Brownsburg, VA (98-miles away), Craig and his wife have been farming their entire lives, both coming from a family of farmers that have taught them traditional, sustainable methods of raising livestock. They take pride in the land and pride in what they can create from it. The couple strive to produce a wholesome and yummy all natural product.  What is All Natural you ask?  Well, it’s very simple, All Natural means that your meat was raised hormone and anti-biotic free.  Brown’s animals go from the farm to your dinner table and ours.  Every product that they sell could go on our table any day.

About Their Beef: Animals are born and raised on the family farm before they hand select which animals will be pastured and fed.  This way, they know all about the animal; where it came from, what it has been fed, and we are assured of its past and present health.  All of Brown’s cattle are Angus or Angus-based providing a wonderful full body, well marbled meat.  Animals lend themselves to a great final product: all natural, locally raised, and deliciously tasty!

For  more information on Brown’s All-Natural Meats, please visit their website or ask a staff member.