Tuesday's Hot Bar 9/11/12

RAW FOODS: raw cole slaw, raw kale salad, raw broccoli & rasin sunflower seed salad

SOUPS: chicken noodle, cream of mushroom and broccoli,chicken tortilla, vegan chili, gazpacho

VEGAN FOODS: seltan w/peppers and onions, black beans, steamed broccoli, brown rice, yellow split peas (Alter Kick Alicha), summer squash casserole, mock chicken cacciatore, split lentils,  potato stew (Dinich Wat), ratatouille, jalapeno corn

MEAT: green curry chicken, barbecued beef brisket, braised chicken, organge bbq pork

Vegetarian: baked ziti w/vodka sauce, succatash,  loaded mashed potatoes, butter herb potatoes, Potato stew, black beans, brown basmati rice

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.