Thursday's Hot Bar 06/21/12

RAW FOODS: raw cole slaw, raw kale salad, broccoli-sunflower salad

SOUPS: vichyssoise, andouille sausage and kale, miso soup, chilled melon soup, tomato vegetable soup

VEGAN FOODS: black beans, basmati rice, gingered squash, tomato rice, aloo mutter, curried cabbage, steamed broccoli, green curried local tofu, thai basil seitan, curried cous cous, local hunan spiced bbq tofu

VEGETARIAN: chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, roasted butternut squash

MEAT: fennel pollen crusted chicken, collard greens with ham, braised chicken with tomato-coconut broth, sweet and sour pork loin, talapia with sweet basil relish, BBQ beef brisket

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.