Mastermind Group


Tuesday, June 12th / 7:30-9:00AM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


David Walizer


We are a Mastermind group open to any and all business owners, entrepreneurs and business developers. At each meeting attendees may introduce themselves and share a question, goal or challenge with the group. After all have done so, we choose one or more of the issues raised and discuss them as a group.

Attendees can expect to be exposed to new ideas and new perspectives. We share our knowledge and experience for the betterment of all.

RSVP is required. Attendance is limited to 12 so that we have time to interact and collaborate.

[1] The venue permits our meeting for free so please order a little something.
[2] Attendance is limited to 12, to permit introduction and collaboration in a normal tone of voice.
[3] Attendance is free
[4] The forums are open to any and all, interested in sales, marketing or business development.
[5] We are a Think Tank. At each meeting we introduce ourselves and share our challenges, ideas or questions with the group to tap into their expertise and experience.
[6] Be prepared to share your CHALLENGE, IDEA or QUESTION to which you’d like some group input. After all have done so, the floor is open.
[7] Guests are welcome (please RSVP)
[8] We meet to connect and to collaborate and to examine this current and unique market.





Register for class

There is limited seating/availability for all classes and events and you must register ahead of time.



Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525.