River Hero Home


Tuesday, June 5th  /  5:30-7:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Michelle Kokolis


Even if you can’t see the James River – or any body of water – from your house, your actions still impact the health of the James River and its tributaries. Every time it rains, fertilizers and herbicides, bacteria from pet waste, chemicals and sediment flows from your property into local waterways.

You can take some simple steps to significantly reduce stormwater runoff and help your home become a certified River Hero Home. Everyone needs a hero, especially the James River and this new certification program from the James River Association (JRA) is open to everyone living within the James River watershed.

Here are a few examples of easy actions you can take to make yours a River Hero Home:

 Install a rain barrel

 Clean up after your pet

 Mow high and leave clippings in place

Once your home has been certified by JRA as meeting River Hero Home qualifications, you’ll receive an attractive garden flag, window cling, access to a dedicated Google group, exclusive discounts at participating local garden shops, and an invitation to attend the annual River Hero Home Lawn Party. It’s easy, it’s fun and you’ll be helping to protect the health and beauty of local streams and the James River.

More information can be found at James River Hero.





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