Half-Baked Contest

We love fresh baked goods! From warm muffins to hearty whole grain breads, creating them from scratch is always an experiment and we have fun with it at the Ellwood’s Bakery! Now, we’re turning to you, our customers, for inspiration! We’re asking you to come up with a unique recipe for a cupcake, cookie, or type of bread. If your recipe is chosen, we’ll name it after you, bake it for one month, and sell it in our store! To enter, either come in and drop your recipe off in our drop box or email it to contest@ellwoodthompsons.com

We look forward to baking your recipe! Many will enter, just one will win. One winner will be chosen by Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market for production and sale in the store. The baked good will be named based upon discussion with the creator of the recipe and Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market. Please enter online or in the drop box. One winner will be chosen during the first week of July 2012.