Wine & Cheese of the Month

For the wonderful month of May, we’ve decided to pair two of our Virginia favorites together for a flavor combination that represents spring in Virginia.

Chatham Vineyards: Jon Wehner is a second-generation winegrower on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He learned about grape growing from his parents who operated Great Falls Vineyard in Great Falls, Virginia for thirty years. He and his wife and their three children own and operate the vineyard and winery. Since 1999, more than twenty acres of high-density (1,740 vines per acre) French vinifera varietals have been planted.

The land at Chatham, which overlooks Church Creek, was patented in 1640. The Federal-period brick house, Chatham, was built in 1818 by Major Scarborough Pitts and named for William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham and friend of the American Revolution. The historic outbuildings, barns and two early 1900s homes on the property have been renovated in recent years. Chatham Farm has been a working farm for four centuries

Cabernet Franc: This is a drought wine – made in dry harvest seasons by leaving the fruit on the vine to slightly dehydrate thereby increasing sweetness and intensity of flavors. With hazelnut, spice, tobacco, and notes of dried fruits, this wine lingers on the palette.

3% residual sugar, best served with local figs, cheese, seasonal fruit pie or chocolate dessert.

Paired with Meadow Creek Dairy’s “Mountaineer.”

Meadow Creek Dairy, located in Galax, Virginia, makes an awesome cheese called “Mountaineer.” This Alpine-style cheese is nutty and earthy, everything you would expect from a French comte or Swiss gruyere. Very rich with all the terrior of the Appalachian Mountains. Definite hints of the lush pastures that feed this particular herd of cattle. The earthiness and nuttiness of the Mountaineer is drawn out by the similar qualities in the Cabernet Franc.  The mountaineer makes a nice background for the Cab Franc, and its soft finish really carries the juiciness of the wine.

The cheese is $17.49/lb.

The wine is    $21.49

Save 10% when purchased together.