Introducing Tuckahoe & Ayrshire Local Beef

We’re super excited to bring in two new lines of locally, sustainably raised beef! It’s not often in Virginia that you get humanely-raised, grass-fed beef right at your front door, but today is an exception. Here’s a little break down on each farm.

Tuckahoe Lamb & Cattle is located in Catersville, Virginia, just 52 miles away from our front door. They are a multi-species, grass based family farm that practices sustainable, pasture focused farming without the use of hormones or antibiotics. We now carry their strip loin, ground beef, and ribeye.

Ayrshire Farms is located just outside of our local belt in Upperville, VA. Ayrshire Farm’s heritage breed cattle are certified organic and certified Humane® . This means that animals are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, on organic pasture, and that these cows come from organically raised breeding stock. Heritage breed cattle are naturally hardy and thrifty animals, which do well on a variety of grasses but take longer to mature than their hybridized counterparts.