Wednesday's Hot Bar 04/18/12

RAW FOODS: broccoli-sunflower salad, raw cole slaw, raw kale salad

SOUPS: gazpacho, chicken and rice soup, tomato bisque, chilled melon soup, shiitake and lemongrass soup

VEGAN FOODS: black beans, basmati rice, kadhi pakora, aloo gobhi, vegetable korma, chole saag, curried cabbage, cobhi matar, stewed tomatoes with black beans, maple glazed snap peas with carrots, lemon rice, steamed broccoli, whole quinoa with black beans and kale, “sausage” seitan with peppers and onions, vegan manicotti, local kung pao tofu

MEAT: curried chicken, chicken samosas, green curry chicken, blackened talapia, tso’s chicken

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.