Tuesday's Hot Bar 03/27/12

SOUPS: shiitake-lemongrass soup, garrot ginger soup, andouille sausage and kale soup, tomato bisque, potato and horseradish soup

RAW FOODS: broccoli sunflower soup, raw cole slaw, living kale salad

VEGAN FOODS: blackened local tofu with veggies, local tofu manacotti, quinoa jambalaya with local tofu, eggplant parmesan with vegan cheese, basmati rice, black beans, misir wat, dinich wat, tikel gomen, bedelijan, shiro wat, vegetable curried rice, mixed steamed veggies, gingered squash, steamed broccoli

MEAT: Hunterstyle braised chicken, German potato salad with pork, roasted Hunan BBQ local chicken, rainbow trout with pesto asparagus, meatloaf, mojito pork loin

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.