Under Construction!

As we’re sure you’ve all noticed, our store is currently in the midst of some construction. Behind those white tarps will soon be the home to many new exciting features in our store. As we try and work quickly and quietly to meet our expected opening date, we foremost apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We know that once it’s all over, the end result will be well worth it. Here’s what to expect…

Extended Seating Area: You can soon expect an extended seating and dining area that will span nearly the entire front of the store. Look for more booth seating and more individual tables. This dining area will also be home to a larger condiments station as well as a recycling station that actually makes sense!

Community Room: At the end of this dining area will be one of the additions that we’re most proud of, our Community Room! This community room will be home to numerous events, classes, cooking demos, wine tastings, yoga classes, luncheons and more. It will be open to the public as well as being available for private events. For more information, contact Colin at CommunityRoom@ellwoodthompsons.com

Coffee & Juice Bar: For those of you that have been asking when Ellwood’s Cafe will reopen, your wait will soon be over. The new expansion will be home to a full service coffee, tea, juice, and smoothie bar! Using locally roasted coffees, fresh fruits and organic teas, this bar will be your destination for all things refreshing and healthy! We’re already experimenting with delicious new smoothie and juice options.

Meat & Seafood: As you travel further into the store, you’ll quickly notice that our full service meat and seafood counter has returned! You will now find an even greater selection of local and naturally raised beef, pork, chicken and more. Our meat case will feature a wonderful selection of what Virginia has to offer and our seafood case will feature an amazing selection of sustainably wild-caught local and regional seafood, oysters, and shellfish.

Full Service Bakery: We’ve always had a bakery, just not many people realized it because it was located across the street in the back of William’s Bakery. However, with the expansion, our full service bakery will finally get the chance to move in with the rest of us. Expect everything you’ve been seeing and then some! Fresh baked loaves, specialty breads, vegan cakes and cookies, and more!

An overall better store! : Because of continued community support, and a big thanks to you, we’ve continued to grow over the years. As a locally-owned, independent business, we’re very fortunate of this opportunity and what the future of our small ( but now bigger ) store holds! We look forward to many more years of serving you and the Richmond community.

Look for everything to be finished near the end of March!