Caromont Farm Local Cheeses!

We’re super excited to get in two new local goat cheeses from Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia! Caromont is located just 23 miles south of Charlottesville where their core values of sustainable farming start with a commitment to their animals and a strong connection to place.

Gail Hobbs Page is the owner and  cheese maker at Caromont Farm. Her cheeses enjoy a  local as well as a regional following, and are sold at Specialty Cheese Shops, Farmers Markets, and Fine Restaurants  throughout the Southeast. Caromont  holds true to  the  basic farmstead principles of cheese making– they source no outside milk, use no frozen curd, and all cheeses are hand ladled. They continually strive to develop the  terroir of Esmont  in their  cheeses through improving their soil fertility while practicing  holistic herd  practices.

We’re currently stocked with:

Caromont’s Esmontonian: A hard, raw goat cheese, full of flavor and the perfect amount of salt. The curd is poured into an Italian Basket mold. As the cheese drains, the baskets are constantly rotated and flipped creating a dense semi-pressed texture. As it ages in their exterior cave, the “Esmo” is literally bathed in a B. linens and viognier vinegar combo, which the vinegar is made by Va. Vinegar Works (Old hippies that couldn’t stand to see good Virginia wine thrown away, so they founded a vinegar Company).

Caromont’s Bloomsbury: A pasteurized cow’s milk cheese, and a Caromont original. Caromont wanted to make a local bloomy rind cheese that would ripen nicely, express the beauty of Mr. Albert’s Brown Swiss milk, and yet have that wonderful cheesecake texture of a chaource. This cheese can be enjoyed young, but we urge you to let it mature to its ultimate lusciousness. Why? Because you will not be able to stop eating it. Please refrain from putting this on a cracker, because it is over the top with chutney, honey, or ripe fruit.