First Annual Bumper Sticker Contest

We’re in the market for a creative, funny, and original new bumper sticker for our store – and we’d love to have your help! Get your thinking caps on and shoot us some ideas. Keep it simple and keep it clean, we’re looking for ideas that make us and everyone around us smile. We’ll announce one winner on March 16th and then have those stickers made and available to the public!

One winner will receive a $50.00 gift card to our store, life-long Richmond fame, and a picture on our website!

To enter, just submit your idea to

Make sure you include your full name, email, phone number, zip code, and of course, your idea. Click on for the official rules and all the small print.

Official rules and small print: 1. All ideas must be original. 2. Please avoid using profanity or offensive  material when submitting ideas. 3. Keep in mind that your idea will have to fit on an 11”x3” bumper sticker. 4. Try and keep ideas short and simple. 5. No age limit.

Many will enter, just one will win. For entries to be considered all spaces on entry form must be filled out and ideas must be original. Contestants are asked to not use profanity or offensive verbiage. We like ideas that are funny, quotes that have meaning, and graphics that make you think. We care about our community, the environment, and food among many other things. Keep that in mind when coming up with ideas, but certainly don’t limit yourself to those categories. The winning idea will have final artwork and sticker created by Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market on a standard 11”x3” bumper sticker. Winner will receive a $50.00 gift card to Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market.