Chia Seeds: Why you should still be eating last years "super food"

2011 gave birth, or better yet the re-birth, of some truly amazing and nutrient dense superfoods. Foods and drinks such as coconut water and acai juice popped up again on the radar. But then there was one wild card player, a seed that was more nutrient dense than anything like it. Say hello, once again, to the Chia seed.

“These little seeds–yes, the ones you smothered on a terra cotta pot shaped like a scientist when you were a kid–have been a household name for ages, thanks to their infection commercials. But before they were made into pets, chia seeds were a well-known health supplement. The Mayans have been eating them since practically the beginning of time, and, more recently, health advocates like Dr. Weil have been spreaking their praise the better half of a decade. But 2011 was definitely the year when these nutritionally-dense little pods picked up some serious steam.” –Blisstree

So what do these super tiny, flavorless seeds do for you? The real question is, where do we even start? Chia seeds are rich in protein, magnesium, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. But the real selling point with the seeds lies in the incredible amount of omega-3 fatty acids they contain – more than any other plant food.

Ultrarunners and marathon runners have instantly caught on to the amazing hydrating ability of the seed. Just like when you first applied the chia seeds to your chia pet, the seeds formed an instant “goo” when introduced to water. This “goo” holds nearly three times the natural water weight of the seed.

“A native herb to parts of Mexico and South America, they’ve been a dietary staple for the indigenous people there for ages. But they’re just as healthy for the Western set, because they’re basically a vegetarian’s dream vitamin. A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, and potassium, the tiny, oily grey seeds pack a powerful nutrient punch, and offer many of the vitamins and minerals often missing from a meat (and dairy)-free diet.” –Blisstree

We carry several brands of chia seeds, including our favorite ones from Health Warrior, a Richmond, VA based company.