Monday's Hot Bar 11/14/11

SOUPS: Nile’s vegan chili, tomato bisque, three bean soup with country ham, miso soup, lentil stew

RAW FOODS: pickled zucchini, raw cole slaw, raw kale salad

VEGAN FOODS: basmati rice, black beans, maple & sage roasted fingerling potatoes, gomen, ater kik alicha, misir wat, tikel gomen, dinich wat, mujadara, vegetable curried rice, bedelijan, steamed broccoli, coconut curried tofu, lentils with kale, mushroom and spinach seitan

VEGETARIAN: homestyle mac-n-cheese, autumn rice with cranberries and pecans

MEAT: coq au vin blanc, coconut curried chicken, curry crusted pork loin, rainbow trout with pesto veggies