Nicaraguan Maragogype Peaberry

We’re proud to introduce the 5th Microlot from our friends over at Blanchard’s Coffee in Forest Hill, Richmond. This one in particular is very special for the simple reason that Blanchard’s has the entire 2011 harvest of it.

Pronounced mar-uh-go-heap-ay, known for being the largest bean in the coffee world. The Nicaraguan Maragogype Peaberry is an extremely rare find and Blanchard’s Coffee Co. is excited to have purchased this year’s entire crop, which was limited to a little over 300 pounds.

Maragogype coffee, also referred to as the “elephant bean”, is a mutation of the typica coffee varietal (one of the two major classifications of arabicacoffee) originally discovered in Bahi, Brazil. Maragogype trees have an exceptionally small yield and are often more difficult to maintain. Therefore, the coffee produced is quite hard to come by.

Peaberries are a secondary mutation wherein the coffee cherry only produces one seed (or bean) instead of two. Peaberries generally occur on the furthest branches of the coffee tree and make up less than 3% of the tree’s yield. They are highly prized and are hand-piced from the rest of the harvest.

Maragogype peaberries are notably complex in flavor with delicate acids combined with soft, buttery texture. In the cup, Nicaraguan Maragogype Peaberry produces big aromas of apricot, pineapple, and spiced rum leading to flavors reminiscent of tart lemon preserves on a warm brioche.