Cooking with Bombolini Pasta – by Tim Vidra

We were recently flipping through the pages of one of our favorite local food blogs, E.A.T., and found this amazingly simple and delicious recipe using Bombolini local pasta. What a perfect way to blend the abundance of tomatoes that are in season right now with the tasty, fresh pasta of Bombolini. Tim Vidra gives us the breakdown on one of the easiest and freshest dishes of the summer.

I grow cherry tomatoes for Mary and I grow Roma tomatoes for sauces, bruschetta, and salsas. Your typical Hanover tomatoes I leave for people who have more of taste for the fruit in their raw form.” T.V.

If you don’t have the room to grow tomatoes or aren’t on the best terms with your neighbor, we’ve got USDA certified organic tomatoes from Amy’s Garden and certified naturally grown tomatoes from Plantation Woods, Victory Farms and Trial’s End Farm. All grown right here in Virginia, 100 miles or less from our store.

For the Sauce:

My sauce is simple: I slice the tomatoes in half, sprinkle with kosher salt and ground pepper, then cover with sprigs of fresh thyme – roasting in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I saute fresh garlic and onion in olive oil on the stove-top. For this recipe I added sweet Italian sausage to the onions and garlic though if you prefer a meatless version you can skip this step.” T.V.

Note: Roasting the tomatoes this way will bring their sugars out. It makes for a naturally sweet & tangy sauce with no sugar added.

Once the roasting is done I remove the sprigs of thyme, stripping the leaves off their stems, add tomatoes & thyme to a food processor (I don’t remove the skin) and blend with fresh basil.

This mixture is added to the onions, garlic, and sausage. Stir to combine and you’ve got your simple summer tomato sauce ready to use.” T.V.

Now, onto the pasta! If you’ve ever tried making your own pasta, then hats off to you. It definitely takes some time and patience. If you’re looking to try the delicious flavors of Richmond then look no further than Bombolini pasta.

Bombolini pasta combines the knowledge and skills of Lolita and John Kreckman. Lolita Kreckman learned the fresh pasta trade in 2005 while working at the Italian restaurant “Mangia Mangia” Key West, Florida where she was making batches of fresh pasta every day.  John Kreckman’s background is in culinary arts. He graduated from Johnson & Wells in 2003.  John’s optimism and creativity have brought new flavor ideas to the fresh pasta scene in central Virginia.

In December of 2008 Bombolini Pasta was launched. It was a small family business with no store front. Within a couple of years Bombolini has grown tremendously gaining quite a bit of loyal customers throughout the city and beyond. Bombolini has expanded not only with the customer demand but also a little helper Ella Kreckman (born 2009).

Bombolini Pasta is available at Ellwood Thompson’s and Richmond area farmers markets St. Stephens and South of the James.

Thanks to Tim for the great idea and wonderful pictures. All photographs are by Tim Vidra.