Live a Luminous Life


Sunday, June 26st 5PM – 6PM


Ellwood’s Cafe


Charis Malloy


Learn simple, effective ways to unlock your life and your happiness during this hour long lecture. You will learn the newest discoveries about how different foods work in the body in a simple way that makes it possible for you to see extra weight just fall away, enhance your health, minimize illnesses or chronic problems, and stop – and even reverse – aging. The information as to what is good and bad about food and nutrition has been contradictory in the past few years, so come find out the truth about what everyone’s talking about – gluten free and vegan diets. Charis doesn’t believe in eating anything but absolutely delicious food, so she will show you how to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit using only the best-tasting, most healthy foods. Also learn about the shift from logic to intuition that is happening around us and to us every day, and find out how to put this to work for your own health and happiness.

Charis Brown Malloy is the author of The Post Holiday Cleanse as well as the forthcoming 30 Days of Beauty and Journal of a Starseed books. Along with master’s degrees in health and psychology, Charis has over a decade of experience as a holistic health and wellness consultant, helping people heal their minds and bodies through finding their individual paths to complete wellness on all levels.





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