New Beers at Ellwoods!

As the weather gets warmer, we’ve got in a handful of new beers here at Ellwoods! Let these guys sit in the back of the fridge, then when the moment is right, pull ’em out for a  good time. These super tasty brews won’t be around for long. Click to see what we got in…

Dugges “Never mind the Bollox!” Double IPA – This baby pours out in a hazy reddish amber color with a small sticky white foam. Big and vibrant hop aroma of lychee, black currant, grapefruit, resin, grass and flowers. Starts fruity and rather sweet of black currant, plums, caramel and pine-needles but finishes really bitter of grapefruit, currant-leaves, lychee and blood oranges. Nearly full-bodied. Delicious!!!

Du Claw Brewing Co. Black Jack Stout Russian Imperial Stout – Released for the late winter season, this hearty stout starts off with an espresso aroma, followed by a smooth roasted malt flavor. Du Claw ages this beer for over 2 months to allow the alcohol to mellow and the flavors to balance. Despite the beers alcohol content and intense flavor, this beer remains smooth and very drinkable. But treat this beer with respect, otherwise you will bust!

Ovila Abbey Dubbel – A limited release brew in collaboration with Abbey of New Clairvaux and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. The Ovila is brewed in the abbey tradition, and perfect for the rebirth of spring. Clear and deep copper in color, this Abbey Dubbel has a complex and rich malty sweetness with hints of caramelized sugar. The aroma is a heady and layered mix of fruit and spice with hints of clove, raisin, and black pepper from the use of an abbey-style yeast. Get it while you can, it won’t be here long.

Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet Black India Pale Ale – Mercury Brewing Co. out of Massachusetts did an amazing job on this Pale Ale. If you’re a wine drinker more than a beer drinker, this Black IPA will make any wine drinker with an open mind about beer sit up and take notice.

Its nearly totally black color tells you up front there’s a lot of beer here, which is confirmed by a rich aroma of chocolate and coffee with a hint of citrus.

On the palate it’s rich and moderately creamy with flavors of chocolate and coffee mellowed by a touch of sweetness and brightened by some citrus. As the beer starts to leave your palate, the hops kick in with exactly the right amount of bitterness to offset the preceding robust flavors.

The finish is clean, pleasantly bitter, with lingering chocolate and a little caramel.