GM Salmon Safe to Eat?

The new Genetically Modified Salmon is safe to eat? According to the FDA, the answer is yes. With their announcement last month, the US FDA is yet to officially approve the fish for sale. Although this approval could take years, it’s not that likely unless the administration decides that the altered fish could pose a significant environmental impact.

In the meantime, activists and legislators are working together to get the so-called frankenfish banned. Eleven U.S. senators, mostly from coastal states, have signed a letter to FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg requesting that the approval process be halted.

A similar letter was signed by 29 members of the House of Representatives. Another 53 environmental groups and food businesses endorsed both letters, and a Food & Water Watch poll found that 78 percent of Americans believe the salmon should not be approved for human consumption.

So why is genetically engineered fish even on the table, so to speak?

AquaBounty, the makers of the fish, say that their GM salmon–dubbed AquAdvantage–eat 10 percent less food than a traditional salmon, grow twice as quickly, and are safe and sustainable. And so far, the FDA appears to agree with AquaBounty: an advisory committee said in a September 20 hearing that the fish seems to be safe. To read the rest of this article from National Geographic, click here.

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