Just In: Sam Adams x Weihenstephan.

For all you beer lovers out there, we just got in one case of the very limited collaboration between Sam Adams Boston Beer Co. and Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery.

Infinium is what you’d expect from a beer dressed up in a French tux – it comes in a corked 750ml bottle, it’s light gold in color, has a flavor described as “crisp and dry” (it’s brewed with champagne yeast) and will ring in with an ABV of around 10%. “Once you get past the cork, Infinium pours a clear, washed out yellow and you can immediately detect the bready aromas. A deeper sniff is still dominated by yeast and bread, but shows some spice and citrus. Flavor follows smell with a breads and yeast hitting the palate first with hints of white grape all of which feel crisp and dry. The mouthfeel and body are light from the start to the short finish, which shows a slightly salty quality. It’s a beer we’d like to try again while mingling with friends and sampling hors d’oeuvres and a cheese plate.” – BeerNews

Sorry, we have already sold out of this.