Just In – Foxfire Farms

Megan Neal & Betsy Samuels of Foxfire Farms

When I was in high school in Buckingham County, Virginia, post-Thanksgiving, I went to work on a farm. Not just any farm though, it was a Christmas tree farm. It was the farm that my family, our relatives and the majority of the people in the county would get their holiday trees and wreaths. This farm just so happened to be Foxfire Farms Christmas tree farm, located on the edge of Buckingham County, right along the James River.

This year Ellwood’s is proud to offer locally made Foxfire farm wreaths available now! And by locally made, we truly mean it. The farm produces fresh wreaths daily from trees grown on their own property. Pinecones and other accents are all sourced from their land. Wreaths are $19.99 for small ones and $24.99 for large ones.

For more information on Foxfire Farms, visit their website or friend them on their Facebook.