Stress Free Holidays Start Here

With all the hustle and hassle of the holiday season arriving, less time in the kitchen can mean less stress for clean up. If you can’t think of that extra side dish that you just need, or have someone joining you for dinner with special dietary needs, let us help. Don’t let the holiday stress get you down. We are here to lend a hand, or a homemade pie for that matter! This holiday season we’ll be offering a cornucopia of delicious, healthy and flavorful main courses, soup, sides, breads and desserts. All special order forms can be found at the customer service desk or at the deli counter. All special orders must be placed in the store and picked up in the store. Here’s what we’ll be offering…

TURKEYS – This season we are offering two different types of turkeys.

1. Ayrshire Farms Heritage Local-Organic Turkeys ($10.49/lb) – These turkeys range from 10-22lbs. Ayshire Farms is located in Upperville, VA which is just under 100 miles from our store. They are USDA Certified Organic Heritage Turkeys which are narrow in the breast and long in the legs, allowing for much darker meat than most turkeys on the market. Their turkeys are certified human and predator friendly. Their turkeys are free-roaming, grass fed and live a very happy life with plenty of bugs and fresh water. For more information on Ayrshire Farms Local Turkeys, click here. These turkeys are available through special order taken no later than November 15th.

2. Bell & Evan’s Free-Roaming All-Natural Turkeys ($2.49/lb.) – Bell & Evan’s Turkeys are only available east of the Mississippi River and are bread, raised and processed on the same farm in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Available for Thanksgiving and Christmas only.

1. Wellshire Farms All-Natural & Allergy Free Spiral Hams ($6.99/lb) – Wellshire Farms is a family owned operation that produces all-natural, minimally processed meat products that are free of artificial ingedients and preservatives. All aspects of their operation, from farm to processor are monitored by a third party auditor from an independent company to assure only the highest quality and healthiest products. Hams range from 6-8lbs.

2. Harris & Son Game Farm Local-Organic Ducks ($6.99/lb) – Located right in Richmond, Virginia – Harrison & Son Game Farm sustainably raises fine game birds. Birds are treated humanely and raised to the highest standards.


1. Fennel Pollen Roasted All-Natural Turkey Breast ($10.99/lb) using Bell & Evan’s Free-Range, hormone and antibiotic free turkey.

2. Whole Italian Roasted Turkey ($4.99/lb) using Bell & Evan’s Turkey.

3. Glazed Spiral Ham ($9.99/lb) using Wellshire Farms All-Natural Free-Range Glazed Ham.

4. Loch Duart Poached Salmon with Cucumber Scales ($17.99/lb) using Loch Duart Organic-Farm Raised Scottish Salmon.

5. Smoked Pork Loin ($9.99/lb) using Wellshire Farms All-Natural Free-Range Pork Loin.

SIDE DISHES / all sides are $6.99/lb

1. Roasted Root Veggies (vegan/gluten-free)

2. Celery Root Potato Mash (vegetarian/gluten-free)

3. Haricot Verts Salad with Roasted Mushrooms (vegetarian, can be made vegan)

4. Turkey Gravy

5. Cornbread Stuffing (vegetarian, can be made vegan)

6. Cranberry Relish (gluten-free)

7. Smoked Corn & Bacon Salad (gluten-free)

8. Vegan Gravy (vegan & gluten-free)

HOMEMADE SOUPS $10.99/quart

1. Potato & Horseradish Cheddar Soup w/ Bacon

2. Josh’s Truffled Cauliflower Soup

3. Vegetarian Classic Tomato Bisque

4. Vegan Sweet Pea & Fennel Soup with Organic Coconut Milk

5. Vegan Loaded Winter Veggie Soup

6. Vegan Kale & Leek Soup

VEGAN CAKE ORDERS – Cakes are 100% vegan with vegan icing unless specified and come in two different sizes – 8″ Round Cake (single layer $15.99 or double layer $29.99) and 9″x13″ Rectangle Cake (single layer $17.99 or double layer $34.99).

Yellow Cake, Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Strawberry Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Blueberry Lemon Cake, NON-VEGAN Hummingbird Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

Vanilla Icing, Nutmeg Icing, Chocolate Icing, Coconut Pecan, Cream Cheese, Vegan Cream Cheese

LOCAL HOMEMADE PIES – All pies are made by Ellwood’s Bakeshop or our neighbors, William’s Bakery.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie, Classic Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato, Lemon Chess, Vegan Pecan Pie


Italian Dinner Loaf, Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls (8), Garlic, Plain or Seeded Cluster Rolls (8)


If you have a party of 10-30 people and are looking for a space to host a holiday party, look no further. Ellwood’s Cafe offers a wonderful & eclectic environment offering great food and beverages that is available for holiday parties on the following dates: November 28, 29th & December 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 19th and 20th. For more information on reserving the space today call Josh Wood (804)-612-1024