Nourish Local Vendor of the Month: Herban Avenues

Each month the Nourish Department picks a local vendor that they would like to highlight, this months being Herban Avenue.

Herban Avenues was started about 10 years ago by Laura Davimes, who has had her hand in herbs and aromatherapy for 17 years. Through Herban Avenues, Laura makes plant-based products to ultimately help enhance your over-all well being. “Herbs are natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-depressant agents. They help you relax, they tone the body’s organs, improve the psyche, lend energy, balance and good nutrition.”

The Herban Avenue product line in Ellwoods consists of the Herbal Loose Teas, Tea Bag Tins, Bug Bite Relief, Bugs at Bay, Poison Ivy Relief and Skin Suds.

During the month of October, we will be highlighting these products at the Nourish Desk (right next to customer service) as well as demoing the product during the following dates and times: Thursday October 7th (4-7pm) and Thursday October 28th (4-7pm)