Spotlight: Rockaway Taco

Andrew Field lives and works in Queens, New York, which is definitely not a local business to us here in Richmond. However, we see his methods and practices of growing and preparing food to be noteworthy. So without further adieu, let us show you inside of Rockaway Tacos.  

Andrew and his operation are about as low budget as they get. There are no fancy seating areas, no flashy lighting. His signs are hand painted and the menu is hand drawn because it changes so often. What Andrew does focus his attention on is the food; where it comes from and how it’s made.

He chooses to live the simple life, surfing the beach that is just two blocks from his house and working to sell delicious, healthy tacos and surfboards from his quaint home in Queens. When he’s not surfing, he’s sourcing local foods from New York’s many surrounding farms and rooftop gardens, like his own, where he grows almost all the herbs he uses. His roof is also home to a few hundred honey bees, which easily produce the honey he needs for his special sauces and teas. Talk about local.

What makes his tacos so good are the sauces that he uses, all made from his own herb garden, sitting peacefully on top of his roof breathing that ocean air.

And on top of that he runs a small farmers market out of the taco shack. Sounds like a good life to us. For more information on Rockaway Tacos or if you’re Queens and want to have a taste, click here. Check out his coverage on The Selby too.