Just In: Victory Farms

Charlie from Victory Farms is really taking advantage of these last few weeks of summer because he came in today with a ton of local produce. Click to see what we just got in.

Organically grown large local basil bunches. This is some mammoth basil, biggest bunches in town and they’re only $1.99/ea.

Organically grown local jalapeno peppers are just $3.99/lb.

Organically grown local poblano peppers, the sweetest of the hot peppers, are just $3.99/lb.

Organically grown local Chinese Eggplant is just $3.99/lb.

Organically grown local sweet Carmen frying peppers are just $3.99/lb.

Charlie also brought in some Red & Gold Delicious apples that are just $1.49/lb and mentioned that we could be expecting to see some local Jonathan and Empire Apples later next week so stay tuned!