First Ever Urban Garden?

The above picture was dug out of an age-old issue of The American City from 1917!  We’re curious if this might be one of the first documented images of an inner-city urban garden? You can click on to read the full publishing of this article. There has been agitation this season concerning the vacant city lots, and efforts have been made [throughout] the country to make such patches of land bring in returns in the way of crops, thus relieving the situation incident to the high cost of living. A group of firemen at one of the San Diego stations secured permission to cultivate a lot across the street from their building, which had been left vacant by the removal of an old stable. The soil proved very rich and the fire-fighters soon had the lot in shape for various crops, some twenty different vegetables being grown at one time, including carrots, turnips, lettuce, peas, onions, radishes, etc.” –Directly from the article itself.