Welcome Back Kombucha! We've Missed Ya'.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we received our first shipment of RAW kombucha since distribution was halted nearly two months ago!  Our selection is limited until the full spectrum of brands and flavors become available again, but we currently have about a twelve cases total of High Country Kombucha in the Original, Aloe, and Wild Roots varieties.

To catch you up to date, nearly two months ago we had to pull all of our raw Kombucha off the shelves due to the USDA’s notice of it’s slightly higher than regulated alcohol content, which of course, is what naturally happens to the fermented drink over time. When everyone’s favorite party girl, Lindsay Lohan, set off her alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet at last month’s MTV Movie Awards Party, celebrity gossip-mongers turned to her habit of drinking kombucha, a fizzy fermented drink that can contain low levels of alcohol. The initial reports were probably untrue, but the incident launched the expensive, once-obscure sparkling tea into the public consciousness,  big time.

But since all of this debate on the drink is finally coming to an end, be sure to stop by today to pick up a few bottles while you can; this shipment is certain to deplete quickly on our shelves.