Just In: Local Elderberries


Boy do we have a neat story for you! So about an hour ago, our buddy Steven Davis who lives out in Powhatan showed up to the store with a nice little purple surprise for us. He brought us 20 pounds of fresh picked Elderberries! But the story only gets better… Steven Davis was driving down the road one day and saw some wonderful Elderberry growing off in an old field, curious, he stepped out and took a look at the property. Not only did he notice ripe Elderberries but other amazing fruit trees as well. With a drive to find out more about this property, Steven did some digging and found out that the property was an old, abandoned orchard, previously known as Macon Orchard. And just like that Steven bought the property.


The generic name is from the Latin sambuca, which is a harp-like stringed instrument that was made from the wood of the elder. The species name is a Latinized geographic reference to Canada.

The elderberry fruit is produced by several species of elders that are relatively fast growing shrubs or small trees. There are about thirty species that are indigenous to temperate regions of both the northern and southern hemispheres.  The most characteristic feature is the broad, flat-topped cyme that bears the berries, which range in color from red to dark blue. The American elder is native to eastern North America, even though the species name is S. canadensis. The common elder S. nigra is frequently treated as a representative for the genus, as it is found in both Europe and North America and has a number of variants.

So DON’T eat these things raw, they have a quite bitter and sour taste. They do however have a very high amount of anti-oxidants. Right now they’re $4.99/lb and fresh off the vine!