ET's Phasing Out Plastic Bags

At Ellwood Thompson’s, we believe “paper or plastic?” is the wrong question. It’s time to start asking if our resources, our environment, and money should be depleted every time we shop. If your answer to that question is no, next time you go shopping, bring your own bag.

This is especially important when you shop at Ellwood’s. Starting in January, as part of our 2008 resolutions, Ellwood Thompson’s will officially stop the use of plastic bags at our checkout stands. We will no longer offer plastic bags as an option for transporting groceries. This is great news for everyone! Why?

  • Approximately 100,000 marine animals/wildlife are killed by plastic bags each year.
  • In some parts of the ocean and other water ways, there are six pounds of plastic for every one pound of fish.
  • Cities spend up to 17 cents to dispose of one plastic bag, wasting millions of tax dollars.
  • Americans use 380 million plastic bags per year.

Free reusable bags will be available to the first 100 customers January 2-6 (during different time slots; call the store for more details;804.359.7525 x25; min. purchase of $30). New bags will be priced at $1.99.

Thanks for joining Ellwood’s in making this very important step toward conservation in our city.